To give thanks 

Fall and thanksgiving are irrevocably connected to me. 

Today, I fulfilled a long held need that I didn’t have just a few years ago. 

It’s been building this year though, 

a sense of nostalgia and separation, feeling sometimes as though I am leading my life 

on a superficial plane,

Working, sleeping, going through the motions, 

always rush, rush, rush.

Feeling as if everything was repetitive, 

unimportant to the world around me.

But today, I got back to solid ground.

I spent my day with family, 

working together.

Pickling beets, making food, breaking bread and sharing love and stories and laughter.

Today felt real, 

deeply satisfying on a level past the delicious food and the physical joy of eating.

Today was about thanksgiving, being happy and feeling lucky for the blessings in my life.

My children, my parents, my siblings and their families.

For nature’s bounty, 

For sweet potato casserole.

With all the tragedy and heartache in the world I stopped, 

Paused one moment,

And breathed deeply of all the love within my life.

Thank you all.


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