Tonight I watched Guardians of the Galaxy- volume 2. 

Well, tonight I finished it at least. We usually start a movie one night and have to finish it over the course of a few nights since having kids. 

Either we’re too tired, or it’s past our self- imposed 9 pm bedtime and we know we’ll regret staying up later. 

I went into it expecting the usual space-filled adventure-comedy romp, and wasn’t disappointed. 

The special effects were every bit as amazing as you’d expect, the speech was perfectly choreographed, 

and yet.

I walked away at the end of the night with another movie ending hitting me in the feels. 

I wasn’t expecting it, but the relationship between the main characters felt like what family should. 

The quote that perfectly summed it up to me was;  

“all you do is yell at each other… you’re not friends” to which the other character responded, 

“No, we’re family” 

At the end of the day, without any rhyme or reason, 

that’s true. 

Family isn’t necessarily the people we are related to, or always get along with. 

You can be yourself around them, yell at each other, disagree. 

But they’re there for you, 

they will stand up for you and with you, and be your guardian like you are theirs.

Way to go, Hollywood. Make me get teary over a blockbuster movie. 

Now I have no cred with my kids, and even the 2 year old asks if I’m okay.

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