Carry on

As heaviness mounts,

The days lengthen

Perpetual motion

Takes all my strength and

my heels keep

Slogging through the mire

Of the everyday,

My muscles are on fire

Far Horizons call my name

Why can’t I run away,

Off into the blue,

Just for one day?

Explore the wilderness

Without the internet

Get back to the soil,

Chase the sunset

The call of nature

My forever home?

Why did I build these walls

On top of the loam?

I need to breathe

the fresh, unfiltered air

Enjoy some respite

From the daily grind of care

For now I watch

The fog roll outside

My cozy window

I’ll promise myself a respite

And to my weary soul;

Soon I’ll have completed

another trip round the sun

We’re not yet defeated!

I’ll rise off my knees

And confront another day

With the help of my love

I’ll make it- come what may